CBD for Fat Loss! Nope, not kidding!

CBD is increasingly popular cannabis product that is often not marketed for weight-loss. However, current research, READ HERE, is indicating that CBD may not only boost metabolism, but turn bad fat into good fat, decrease appetite and help with other metabolic disorders. 

Why not try something natural this time..

Till the season for goodies and holiday parties. Don’t wait until your jeans no longer fit or you feel you have to get to the overpriced gym to undo all the damage from cookie heaven. Start now. Prevention is key. Read my personal blog about my month-long experience with “Dump the Junk in Your Truck”. I have tried over 50 OTC energy or weight-loss pills. Each time I felt sick, or jittery and then sick over the money wasted. If you want something with caffeine, try out the “Kick Start” product. I ended up taking “Kick Start” in the morning and “Dump the Junk in  Your Trunk” around 2-3 pm each day. I felt energetic and started to really see a difference after 3 weeks-without changing my diet or increasing exercise. 

A bit about isolate products:

Fit Hot Mess CBD Capsules contain 99% pure cannabidiol in crystalline form, the most potent form of CBD available on the market. These smooth-coated capsules are convenient, easy to consume, and a very effective delivery system. Capsules are a perfect way to ingest CBD in a precise dosing format.