Forgot your coffee? Can't keep your eyes open during a long meeting?

Kick Start your way into your day..

Midday lows?
Chronic Fatigue?
Jet Lag or Travel Lag?

This is a product we are SURE you will love. Why? Because it’s natural, it doesn’t give jitters, dosing is easy to control, take it any time anywhere. No hang-over like feeling. Just pure energy for approximately 2-4 hours depending on weight, and metabolism rate. 

60 capsules in a container-20mg CBD per capsule. 

A bit about CBD Isolate:  Fit Hot Mes capsule line contains 99% pure cannabidiol in crystalline form from the most potent form of CBD on the market.  These smooth-coated capsules are convenient, easy to consume, and a very effective delivery system. Capsules are a perfect way to ingest CBD in a precise dosing format.