500mg Peppermint CBD Oil

A superior product in every way. Our high-potency, pharmaceutical-grade CBD oils are our most popular products due to the fast-acting sublingual delivery system . The Calibrated oral dropper makes dosing very simple. Peppermint has added benefits, such aiding digestive issues (IBS, heartburn, nausea, colds and headache), along with being a natural antiseptic with both antimicrobial and  antibacterial properties to aid with skin disorders, itching, muscle pain, and blemishes. You can apply the oil directly to skin, add it to your favorite lotion, mix it with coconut oil or place sublingual for whole body healing.

The peppermint flavor is very light and taste similar to a breath mint.

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Pure Lab Tested Hemp (seed) Oil, Cannabidoil Hemp Extract, Peppermint Oil.
FSO Ingredients: Hemp(seed) Oil, PCR Hemp Extract, Peppermint Oil. No cheap fillers

Storage & Details

Bottle size: 1 FL OZ (30mL)
CBD concentration/1 drop: 1.0mg CBD/drop (~17 drops/mL)
CBD concentration/1 mL: 16.667mg CBD/mL
CBD concentration/30 mL bottle: 500mg CBD/30 mL bottle
Total single-drop doses per bottle: 500+ doses


Mild- 2-4 mg (31-60lbs), 4mg-6mg (61-100lbs), 6mg-8mg (100-175lbs), 8mg-10mg+ (175-250+lbs)
Mild-Moderate increase dose by 2mg per weight category
Moderate increase dose by 4mg per weight category
Moderate-Severe- increase dose by 6mg per weight category
Severe-increase dose by 8mg per weight category


Do not use if pregnant or breast feeding. Do not feed to children or pets. Do not mix with alcohol. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration and are in no way intended to treat or diagnose any physical ailment or disease. Please consult your doctor and employer before adding CBD or any supplement to your diet.

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    “I have been using this for a month both sublingual and mixed with plain lotion for my psoriasis, and it’s worked so well that I ordered 3 more bottles. I have seen a handful or doctors and dermatologists who sold me on expensive medications and then I discovered this gem for a fraction of the price. Thank you!”

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